Rushenden is a village in the Borough of Swale in Kent, England, of approximately 500 dwellings.

It lies to the south of Queenborough.

The Community of Rushenden consists of a community store, a small social club.and The Rushenden Community House, A converted house used to sever the Community of Rushenden. 

Rushenden Community House 



The masterplan for Queenborough & Rushenden (created in 2003) represents an “exemplar for other masterplanning projects in the Thames Gateway” (South East Regional Design Panel May 2006).

A key element of the process has been the community consultation in the form of “Planning for Real”. A Green Charter and Arts strategy will ensure that the development addresses sustainability as well as using art to act as the “glue” that binds the community together with its surrounding landscape.

The masterplan (by Homes and Communities Agency with Swale Council) sets out a comprehensive approach to regenerating Queenborough & Rushenden. It involves harnessing its setting, history and people, and combining with them proposals for housing, employment, community facilities and recreation.