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Queenborough Town Council

We aim to keep you updated on all of the news and events happening in Queenborough and Rushenden. 

You can also find details of your Town Councillors, Meeting Minutes and Useful Links to external sites.

Queenborough Town Council was created in 1983 to restore a local council to an area that had been a borough since the 14th century. The ancient Borough of Queenborough had been merged with other Sheppey councils in 1968 and further merged into Swale BC in 1974. This latter merger left the area without its own local council and led to the creation of the Town Council nine years later.

The Town Council is technically a parish, the “Town” status allows us to have a Mayor and to continue with the long tradition of Mayors of Queenborough.

As a parish the Town Council can do a number of things, mostly small, within its area. There are very few things it must do and readers should note that almost all the major local government services for Queenborough are the responsibility of Swale BC or Kent CC. The Town Council will be assuming responsibilty for the allotment sites in Queenborough during 2015/ 2016. The Town Council has the right to be consulted about all planning applications in its area and this allows the Council to have a voice particularly in respect of major projects such as those arising from the Queenborough & Rushenden Regeneration Masterplan (a local planning document adopted in 2010).

The Council currently organises two main events each year. These are the Street Market usually held on the first Sunday in July which maintains another old tradition from Borough days and the Christmas Lights Parade (plus Carol Service and fireworks display) at the beginning of December.